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You have a newly founded start-up or an existing business and plan to make the next big step and go online?

Great! – The good news is, we are here to make your dream a reality, from start to finish and well beyond. We strongly believe that a great website is a core element of a successful business. Therefore, we are excited to work with you, designing and building your business’s website, to make your vision a reality.

Why your website matters

In most cases, a company’s website is the first exposure a potential customer has with a business, at present. A great website showcases the business’s products & services – as well as the contact details – in a clearly structured, logical, and well-designed way.

Not only can a website be a relentless 24-7 sales person (commission free!), it is also a direct reflection of the business itself.

If you are interested in how a website and strong online-presence can increase your profits, read our article about Increasing Profitability.

Very often, a website indicates how the business is run and how it may perform. Don’t you agree? Research shows, a poorly performing website acts like a bright-red warning light, which signals potential customers to stay away from the business.

As you are reading this, you probably remember the last time you’ve visited a very bad business website, don’t you? Unfortunately, there are a lot of sub-standard business websites on the internet, most of which result in underperformance, lost potential leads, and lack of awareness for the businesses.

But let us face the positive side of all this. As the internet is littered with underperforming websites, it is easy for you to gain hugely from the situation. How? When you have your winning website ranking higher than all your competitors in search engines like Google, you are more exposed to potential customers, as you “pop out” of the crowd.

Performing well in the common search engines ultimately results in higher traffic (the number of visits to your website) and greater chances of converting an interested visitor into a paying customer. Therefore, a great website is probably the most powerful – yet one of the cheapest – marketing tool available to an ambitious business (large or small) in order to generate more sales and increase brand awareness. Read more about search engine ranking in our Search Engine Optimisation article.

Let's start. Today!

At Website Wizards, our philosophy is to put you and your ideas at the centre of our work right from the very start. If you already know exactly what you want your website to look like, we will do whatever is technically possible to realise your vision one-to-one. Promised!

If, however, you are not sure yet about your site’s design, don’t worry. We will happily design your new website from scratch, collaborating with you and listening closely to your feedback along the way. We will sit together with you in order to discuss the basic design aspects (choice of colours, fonts, images, etc.), as well as your website’s desired functionality, features, and overall structure.

With us, you have the great opportunity of getting a fully customised and unique website that’ll carry your brand identity and helps your business to attract new customers. The fact that we can listen to – and realise – your ideas and build you a fully bespoke custom website is your biggest advantage you have with us over website-template software.

This, however, is not the end of our service we can provide for you, as we will assist you with your new website on a continual basis if you wish so.

Who needs a website?

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